Online Induction

online induction

1. If you are an Employee / Contractor / Labour Hire Employee
You are required to register your details and complete the Online Induction via the below link

You will be required to upload evidence of training and qualifications/competencies, so please ensure these are available to upload.

You must monitor your emails following the registration in the event your uploads are rejected (eg. unreadable, expired or insufficient).

Click here to register:

Note: It is important to read the descriptions of the various types of inductions and be sure to select the correct one for you. If you are unsure as to which one you require to complete, please contact our office before registering.

2. To register your Company with us
If you are a supplier, contracting company or sole trader for IPS, you are required to register your company details with us and submit your insurance records for compliance.

This only needs to be completed once for each organization.

Once registered, and your completed questionnaire has been approved, you must provide the above information (Step 1) to ALL employees which will be undertaking works on our site. If your company has engaged subcontractors/labour hire personnel, it is your responsibility to notify their company representatives that they must also complete this registration process.

Click here to register:

3. If you are planning a visit to IPS and are not performing any works on our site
If you are a visitor, you can complete our online visitor induction before you arrive. It is quick and you will only require to do this once per year regardless of how many times you visit.

Click here to register:

Note: Please be sure to select Visitor Induction when registering.